Week 14. Round 2. Believe, believe, believe !

“All thought is creative”, Haanel emphasises in Part 14 of his Masterkey System. Once more, I have experienced indisputable proof of this statement first-hand.

In my ongoing search for peace and harmony, I have been visualising, for years now, beautiful surroundings in the middle of nature, a simple comfortable eco-home where to live with my loved ones. We know that we have to take action, on many levels, yes, to bring about these harmonious conditions we so much desire. In the light of this, a few weeks ago, I visited a place in the Maritime Alps, in the very South of France, right at the Italian border; a 20-minute drive from Ventimiglia at the Mediterranean Sea, and about 45 minutes by car from Nice Airport. The Côte d’Azur. Continue reading

Week 9, Round 2 – Heroes.

Heroes. Those people we admire. Those who did, or are doing, or were, or simply are right now, that what we have always wanted to do or be. Those freedom seekers, those freedom finders.

Those who picked up an instrument and practiced for hours and hours, day after day till perfection was reached. Those who sold everything they owned and sailed, drove, biked or walked for months, the horizon as their only guide. Those who saved that little spider from being trampled on. Those sitting under a Bodhi tree until they realise the Truth… Continue reading

Week 8, Round 2 – Life’s A Breeze.

Lately I’ve been noticing my reaction to certain events, people and circumstances in relationship to which degree they are in disharmony with my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). I seem to have become completely intolerant to them…

The Law Of Subconscious – as soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand, accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

I know I’ve created those obstacles, these situations. They’re probably part of some of these infinite ressources. Yes most probably.  Continue reading

Week 7, Round 2 – Messengers From Outer Space.

Usually these kind of posts take me about two hours to write.

Start writing, find the topic, get rid of unnecessary words and phrases. Looking for authenticity, checking the rhythm, the form, the sound, the pauzes, punctuations…

I’m leaving in just over an hour. Teaching yoga at a retreat in the Belgian Ardennes. Not much time left… Feeling a bit stressed about time. Want to get it done before leaving though. Let’s see what comes out…

Observe. Continue reading

Week 6, Round 2 – You Need To Keep Moving.

After my initial enthusiasm to join the course again this year, many obstacles have stopped me in my tracks, to the point where I haven’t been blogging or doing any of the other practices in the last four weeks or so … I underestimated the emotional and physical challenges of moving. Although it wasn’t the first time, I somehow forgot.

Moving is important though. You need to keep moving.

Physical exercise. Yoga. Cycling. Walking. Moving forward in life. Energy is moving. Through the body. Between people. And from the Inner to the Outer World… Continue reading

Week 1, Round 2 – Knowing.

After taking a gap year since finishing my first round of the Masterkey MasterMind Alliance in April 2015, I’m ready to surf again. In the slipstream of this year’s course, I continue moving steadily towards my vision. Several friends joined the class this time, as did some last year who have become Certified Guides in the meantime. Happy to see I’m making a difference 🙂



I remember clearly, that feeling – when I took the course, during it’s last weeks – that feeling of “knowing”... Something shifted into place back then. A soft deep click. Deep down, within. And although I couldn’t really define it clearly yet, and even after a year, I’m not sure if I can define it much better, the “knowing” has become stronger. It’s more present in my everyday life, more towards the surface somehow… It has become more urgent. Continue reading

Helping People Help Themselves

Helping people help themselves… That’s what Mark J and the Master Key Experience are all about. How about finding out what really makes YOU truly happy? And how you – with all your unique gifts and talents – can help others to find this out for themselves also ? What’s the value of being dependent for the rest of your life, on what other people think of you, what other people want you to be, what other people tell you to do…? Continue reading


Yes, it has been a while. I felt the need for silence, the need to move away from any outer influence… Echoes in my mind, other people’s opinions… Long walks in the woods nearby, to recharge, reconnect, and to review my definite major purpose, in my mind, or was it maybe in my heart ?

Visualising, feeling, sensing, listening again and again, closer and closer, deeper and deeper, tuning into the wavelength of Truth… At this stage in the continuation of the #masterkeyexperience, I’m picking up the pieces again, and in doing so, I’m finding my own rhythm, my own melody, my own harmony… Continue reading

Week 24 – Captain Of Our Ship

Self-Reliancereliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others. “Self-Reliance” is also an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson which starts with the phrase “ne the quaesiveris extra”, Latin for “do not seek for things outside yourself”.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance course (MKMMA) is over. Done. Six months of intense study and observation, creating new good habits. Learning to do-it-now. To recognise beauty in the outer world, daily. To be still, and listen within. To clearly define what we want, or rather, what we need to do in this life, for the benefit of all. To visualise it, as if it already exists. To understand how the Universal Mind works, and to direct it to manifest our true dharma. To mastermind. Continue reading

Week 23 – The Sunny Side Of The Street

4 New Cards

This week, four new players join our now sky-high stacks of index cards. Full of gratitudes, positive experiences, and small to big accomplishments. Every day, hundreds of live-savers keep our minds on the sunny side of the street. And we thank them for that.

During Week 4 of this Master Key Experience, I remember finding a piece of paper somebody forgot in our Sampoorna Yoga Studio, stating the 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success, including the Law Of Least Effort.

Nothing is random… Four new cards this week, describing Deepak Chopra’s Law Of Least Effort.

Least Effort

Hm, one might think… I’ll just do nothing today… Get up really late, keep my pyjamas on, settle myself into a comfy couch, eat cookies and potato chips all day long (add a couple of cheap Continue reading