I grew up in a vegetarian family, where nature and respect for all beings was the daily theme song.

I’ve been involved in music since a long time, and have been a professional performing musician / composer / educator for about 30 years.

Music is still very much my greatest passion today. Or more precisely, sound (vibration) is, and how it affects our physical, mental  and spiritual health.

I’ve always been interested in anything that deals with subtle energy and well-being. Over the years I’ve practiced Tai Chi, Aïkido, Yoga, Chi Kung and meditation. And lots of music.

I am also a Certified Sampoorna Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500).

About 8 years ago – wanting to slow down the tempo of my high-paced life style as a jazz musician – I started teaching regular yoga classes, after completing the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training with the great master Shri Yogi Hari, whom I continue to visit regularly at his ashram in Florida to deepen my personal practice.

I co-founded the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels (Belgium) about 6 years ago, where I’m teaching regular weekly classes and workshops. Seeing happy smiling faces after a yoga session gives me a deep feeling of contentment.

My dream is to live in a place surrounded by beautiful nature and my loved ones, enjoying life to its fullest; practicing yoga, meditation, music, and sharing this knowledge with whomever is looking for it.



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