Yes, it has been a while. I felt the need for silence, the need to move away from any outer influence… Echoes in my mind, other people’s opinions… Long walks in the woods nearby, to recharge, reconnect, and to review my definite major purpose, in my mind, or was it maybe in my heart ?

Visualising, feeling, sensing, listening again and again, closer and closer, deeper and deeper, tuning into the wavelength of Truth… At this stage in the continuation of the #masterkeyexperience, I’m picking up the pieces again, and in doing so, I’m finding my own rhythm, my own melody, my own harmony…

A World At Peace - Haanel

A World At Peace

Through observation and imitation, I’ve been learning from the Twitter and Facebook masters, occasionally reading a blog post or two of one of my fellow MasterKey students. Liking, commenting, sharing, reconnecting… I love the process. I’ve been admiring Sandra Owen’s consistency, Liane Hack’s renewed focus after the MKMMA Live Event in Kauai, Valeska’s creator mind and abundant energy, Mark J’s love and guidance, Jason Houser purposeful running, Carolynn Sokil’s dream come true, Christina’s Chiba’s life’s abundance,… Thanks for setting the example. Thanks for the inspiration. Much gratitude. I know I can do this.

I love reading Haanel’s Master Key… His “Lost Chapters” pull you deeper within his world, within our world. And I absolutely loved discovering “As A Man Thinket” by James Allen. What a beautiful text. On Swami Sivananda, the great Indian yogi’s advice, I additionally started reading another one of Allen’s major books “From Poverty To Power, or, The Realisation of Prosperity and Peace”. An absolute must all seekers of Truth.

I’m warming up, doing some stretches, loosening up my joints, strengthening my muscles. I’m focusing my mind, visualising, breathing consciously throughout the practice… I feel calm, confident, strong, and decided… moving forward at a steady pace. I’m very much looking forward to the launch of the next Masterkey Experience Course starting in September 2015. It feels like family now. And we will all be present to celebrate the start of another 6 months of dedicated study of the science of living a harmonious life.

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