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Week 13 – A Slip Of The Tongue. Really ?

Hm… Seems I have nothing major to bring to the foreground this week… Probably that’s quite an achievement already. ūüôā No struggles to complain about, no inner turmoil, just simply enjoying getting settled into these daily master key and other rituals. Love how Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret summarises all that we’re doing. Love the jazz music on the recording. Makes everything even more cosy during these cold winter days …

I took a few days off from the outside world. Stayed at home, alone, working on bringing everything into harmony, especially myself.¬†I admit, I was a bit behind with a few things. Tons of emails to answer, some index cards to make, a few video replays to watch…¬†I decided to fast¬†for three days. Been wanting to for¬†a while. Been feeling the need¬†to cleanse my body within, and bring my¬†thoughts¬†into sharper focus. It’s a wonderful experience to notice how the mind becomes clearer, once the body doesn’t have to process all this food. As if adding a luminous Continue reading

Week 11 – I Think I’m Smiling More

Eleven. I feel I’m moving ahead. Slowly improving. Advancing steadily. Like one of these icebreaker ships. Unstoppable. I feel¬†stronger, mentally. Physically also. More energy. I feel more awake. Walking in the streets, my steps are clearer, more decisive, more conscious. More focussed. More powerful. More loving, harmonious and happy ? I sure hope so. I think I’m smiling more.

Probably the greatest improvement that I’m experiencing since the beginning of this amazing¬†MKMMA course is that I notice the old blueprint’s¬†procrastination getting weaker, slowly Continue reading

Week 10 – I’m A Gentle Puma

“I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep”.

It’s tough. It’s hard. I’m struggling. Like many of us I imagine. The days are too short, too many things to do. Maybe it’s the winter arriving ? It’s pretty cold out there. And it’s dark so early, 4pm…

OK now, stop right there. Stop whining. That’s about as far as we’ll go into that alley. I am a lion. A mountain lion. I’m a warrior. I know it’s all in my mind. It’s all my own¬†blurred perception. I want to sharpen my senses and see the Truth. My mind’s windshield gets dirty now and then, from daily travelling. Dusty bumpy roads. I need to wipe it clean, to see clearly again. Chanting “Om” helps. Stretching helps. And I’ve continued to use “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, Continue reading

Week 9 – Swaying To The Music Of The Gods

Swaying to the music of the Gods...

Swaying to the music of the Gods…

Today is such an amazingly¬†beautiful¬†day… I’m in awe of so much beauty. It feels so easy to greet this day with love. The skies are blue, the sun is shining bright, the air feels fresh and crisp, and the golden leaves on the linden tree in front of my home are swaying to the music of the Gods. I met up this morning with a gentle old neighbour – I sensed love in his heart – to get some compost¬†for my garden, to¬†feed it with care, love and good soil… ¬†My world within¬†chuckles when the world without reflects such beauty… It knows. I feel completely re-energised after an intense week of exhausting busy-ness. I’ve been waiting – once more – till the very last minute to Continue reading