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Week 24 – Captain Of Our Ship

Self-Reliancereliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others. “Self-Reliance” is also an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson which starts with the phrase “ne the quaesiveris extra”, Latin for “do not seek for things outside yourself”.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance course (MKMMA) is over. Done. Six months of intense study and observation, creating new good habits. Learning to do-it-now. To recognise beauty in the outer world, daily. To be still, and listen within. To clearly define what we want, or rather, what we need to do in this life, for the benefit of all. To visualise it, as if it already exists. To understand how the Universal Mind works, and to direct it to manifest our true dharma. To mastermind. Continue reading

Week 23 – The Sunny Side Of The Street

4 New Cards

This week, four new players join our now sky-high stacks of index cards. Full of gratitudes, positive experiences, and small to big accomplishments. Every day, hundreds of live-savers keep our minds on the sunny side of the street. And we thank them for that.

During Week 4 of this Master Key Experience, I remember finding a piece of paper somebody forgot in our Sampoorna Yoga Studio, stating the 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success, including the Law Of Least Effort.

Nothing is random… Four new cards this week, describing Deepak Chopra’s Law Of Least Effort.

Least Effort

Hm, one might think… I’ll just do nothing today… Get up really late, keep my pyjamas on, settle myself into a comfy couch, eat cookies and potato chips all day long (add a couple of cheap Continue reading