Week 1 – Today I Begin A New Life

Back to school

On that first call last Sunday, I felt like an 11-year old boy, uncomfortable in short pants, walking through the gates of his new school,heart beating fast.

“I don’t know anybody here… Everything is so big… I don’t know my way around… Ouch, my new shoes are killing me… Should I stay ? Should I go ? Oh dear, there’s so much information coming at me…! Am I up to it ?”

Luckily, the enthusiasm of the head master and the friendliness of the key teachers, soon pulled me in.

When I got back home – my head buzzing with excitement – I went into the closet, and got my big boy pants out…

“Today I begin a new life”

It felt like a shock wave going through my entire being, when I read this for the very first time in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In The World”. Almost brought me to tears. Then, with a sigh of relief, I was thinking, “finally”…

I’ve been tweaking and redesigning life for many years now – I suppose since the day I was born – and I feel more than ever, that it’s time. More-than-ever, really.

This is it. I’m going to figure this out… Starting now. Today. And every day that follows.

It’s absolutely amazing – and I’m so grateful for it – to “feel” the daily support of the wonderful MKMMA Team. You guys, what a brilliant idea to set this whole thing up. And thanks to all those people who payed it forward. Amazing also to know that there are 500 or so other seekers out there, ready to go for it. Don’t give up alright ? Let’s buckle up. It’s gonna be quite a ride. We’re in this together. And that makes things easier, or at least it makes it much more fun.

Obviously, it is so important to find one’s true calling, transforming one’s talents into actions benefitting as many beings as possible. I’ve somehow always known this. Why settle for less ? I’ve always been quite restless, looking to shape and re-shape life to something that fits comfortably, tailor-made so to speak.

“The world without is a reflection of the world within”. So I guess I’ve created this wonderful opportunity, I’ve put myself in this situation. Nowhere else to go, no escape possible. My subconscious mind text-messaging my conscious mind, “come on – deal with it – get it done – find it – design it – create it – do it”.

It’s time.

Today I begin a new life.

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6 thoughts on “Week 1 – Today I Begin A New Life

  1. masterkeyelicia

    Hi Erwin, I loved reading your post! so true! I had a chuckle when I read about the 11 year old in short pants, I was exactly the same except I had on a dress. hee hee hee. It’s almost hard to fathom that there is 500 other people around the world doing this journey with us all at the same time, and it is so special, like you said, we are all seeking too. And boy, I don’t know about you, but my sub conscious is fighting for it’s survival right now, it knows that it’s time is nigh, but it’s not going down without a fight, kicking and screaming. How are you going with your DMP? Mine keeps getting sent back with lots of comments on it, which is really great , but I’m starting to get real uncomfortable cause my sub conscious doesn’t want to change, Anyway, like you said, buckle up, here comes the big ride.
    Cheers, look forward to reading your next post.

    1. masterkeyerwinv

      Hi Elicia, maybe your subconscious is happy to change, it doesn’t really care now does it ? how about consciously changing our habits… ? there’s the real challenge I think. And yes, same here, that DMP is quite a trip 🙂 We’ll all get it in the end, that’s what we’re here for right ? Good luck ! and stay in touch. Peace.

  2. Ellen L

    “Obviously, it is so important to find one’s true calling, transforming one’s talents into actions benefitting as many beings as possible. I’ve somehow always known this.”
    It’s amazing – and crushing, and frightening – isn’t it, to start figuring out how connected to our true selves we’ve always been, if only we’d been paying attention. I’m looking forward to those same ‘somehows’ in my own journey.
    Loved how descriptive you were about your feelings on the first day – I felt a lot of that, too.
    And I agree; knowing that there are “500 or so other seekers” running alongside of us is amazing! So many people to connect to and share with! Here’s looking forward to running with you!

    1. masterkeyerwinv

      Thanks Ellen for your feedback ! what a great journey isn’t it ? The Master Key and life in general. Good to know you’re out there doing your thing. Love your posts. I think you’ll be ready for a book after this course is done 🙂 Good luck with everything and stay in touch. Peace.


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