Week 13 – A Slip Of The Tongue. Really ?

Hm… Seems I have nothing major to bring to the foreground this week… Probably that’s quite an achievement already. 🙂 No struggles to complain about, no inner turmoil, just simply enjoying getting settled into these daily master key and other rituals. Love how Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret summarises all that we’re doing. Love the jazz music on the recording. Makes everything even more cosy during these cold winter days …

I took a few days off from the outside world. Stayed at home, alone, working on bringing everything into harmony, especially myself. I admit, I was a bit behind with a few things. Tons of emails to answer, some index cards to make, a few video replays to watch… I decided to fast for three days. Been wanting to for a while. Been feeling the need to cleanse my body within, and bring my thoughts into sharper focus. It’s a wonderful experience to notice how the mind becomes clearer, once the body doesn’t have to process all this food. As if adding a luminous filter to give reality a happy sparkly glow. Interesting to notice how the otherwise so hectic rush-hour-like brain slowly calms down, and how much more energy this generates. I’m getting things done more effortlessly. Less whining, more doing. My courage-level has gone up quite a bit.

The other day I took some time to repeat my one-sentence Definite-Major-Purpose, for 50 minutes. I loved getting into the groove of the repetition, saying the phrase over and over again, looking deep into my own eyes, playing with intonation, rhythm, volume,… each time with more enthusiasm 🙂 I did some Mind Gym exercises at the same time, getting both hemispheres to consciously play together for a while. Now, an interesting thing happened at one point. My tongue slipped… I mixed up some of the words, unconsciously – or should I say subconsciously ? – creating a new phrase. I stopped in mid-air… reflecting for a moment on what I just said… I went on. And then it happened again… I stopped, reflecting… I could have dismissed it as a simple mistake, but it made me ponder over whether I should rewrite my DMP… One of my Personal Pivotal Needs is Spiritual Growth. And that slip actually suggested clearly that I move my focus more within, quite the opposite of what I had been saying for almost 50 minutes… ! Now where’s that compass and magnifying glass I received from my gentle Guide Rui for Christmas… ?

I hope everybody is doing well during this festive season, not moving away too much from your freshly grown good habits, seeing the good in everyone and in every situation, keeping the mind in a positive state. We’re halfway through this six month MKMMA course and well engaged in our new life, and in keeping our thinking patterns in check. I truly wish for everybody to perfect their vision and to manifest their wildest dreams. Peace to all of you.

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10 thoughts on “Week 13 – A Slip Of The Tongue. Really ?

  1. Ellen L

    Keeping up on the exercises in the holiday season, though it’s been more difficult.
    The tang toungling happened to me, too, on the 50-minute one-sentence exercise; I did the same thing you did. Thought about it for a second, then decided to run with it! It sounded better the way it came out, anyhow! So glad things are starting to happen for you!

  2. Sophie

    Hi Erwin, for this inspiring blog, I think I will be soon doing some “Fast” or grape cure 😉 to have a better focus….

  3. Dennis Andrews

    You are really grounded and focused this week. Not an easy task, especially this week! I thank you for the example and the inspiration. It is so great that because of this class, we get to see the perspectives of others. Possibly when one is falling behind, the strength of others lifts them up. Bravo to you Erwin!

    1. Erwin Post author

      Thanks Dennis. You are right, it is indeed so wonderful to have the opportunity to read and get inspired by other people’s blogs. Looking forward to reading your experience this week ! Peace.


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