Week 14 – Four Tiny Habits That Change Your Life

rudy-1One of this week’s assignments was to view one of the suggested movies, and recognise the four tiny habits that can change one’s life for the better – having a Definite Major Purpose (DMP), a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), a Plan Of Action (POA), and a Master Mind Alliance (MMA). Combine these four, and you have a formula for success.

Whenever somebody invites me to watch a movie, I’m there ! I saw “October Sky”, “Cool Runnings”, and “Rudy”, twice…

Let’s focus on “Rudy” for the time being, which somehow most resonated with me. The whole story is truly highlighting everything we are learning during this amazing MKMMA Experience Course.

Everything around Rudy, his entire family environment, is trying to keep him from realising his childhood dream, playing for the Notre-Dame football team. He doesn’t care what others tell him, that he’s too short, too slow, not smart enough, that the whole idea is stupid and impossible… Everybody is just laughing at him. But his vision (DMP) is so strong and clear, that nothing can hold him back to manifest it.

His best friend Pete, is the only one that believes in him (MMA). He offers him a jacket from Notre-Dame College for his birthday, which Rudy wears all the time from that point on. Nevertheless, everything seem to be against him…

One big turning point occurs when Pete dies during an accident at work… Rudy then decides to go for it, completely, following his heart’s desire, no matter what. He breaks up with his girlfriend, leaves home, and takes a bus direction Notre-Dame. From then on he puts everything into action to arrive at his final destination, becoming a Notre-Dame football player (POA). From then on he takes the necessary steps and makes the necessary sacrifices to reach his goal, whatever it takes. He enrols in Holy Cross, a junior college nearby. He studies non-stop. He asks for help, and finds a tutor (MMA). He gets good grades. He tells the coach of Notre-Dame about his vision and plans. He ask the janitor of Notre-Dame for help, and gets a job as his assistant (MMA). He continues to read, recite and role-play as if he was already part of the team. He persists, even after Notre-Dame turns him down many times. He asks himself, “have I done everything I can ?”… He continues to persist until he finally succeeds… Rudy is accepted at Notre-Dame College as a student. And the story repeats itself, to attain his next goal, becoming part of the Notre-Dame Football Team (DMP), which, obviously, he finally does.

Despite of the many challenges on his path, Rudy keeps his focus, gives it all, he gives The Best ! His eager, obsessive, I’ll-do-anything attitude brings him success. And thanks to the connection he has with his best friend, his tutor, the janitor and one of the priests at Notre-Dame, who help him stay on track, he keeps a positive mental attitude throughout (POA). Rudy becomes an inspiration for others, and gets the respect of all.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I can highly recommend it. Very inspiring. We can all learn from it. We can all succeed…

“No excuses. Do the work.”


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11 thoughts on “Week 14 – Four Tiny Habits That Change Your Life

  1. Ellen L

    Sweet. Sounds like a phenomenal story; love how you’ve broken it all down. Can’t wait to watch it myself – it’s been on my list for half of ever!

  2. Deanna Becket

    Your (dmp) (MMA) notes next to the scenes was great! Loved reliving the movie with you here. Some of the things you brought out I didn’t even notice. Amazing how we look at things differently and learn from each other.


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