Week 15 – Opening Up Some Doors…

I marked down “Decisiveness” for this first week’s virtue of Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Week Makeover. I “decided” that this was the one quality that needed the most attention in my ever-changing mind…I would love to do things with trust and confidence, not thinking things over a million times before moving into action… To be connected at all times to that inner voice which “knows” The Truth. And to trust it, to act on it, without the slightest hint of hesitation. I’m remembering The Way Of The Samurai.

With firmness, determination… conclusiveness, purposefulness, will power,… those are some of the synonyms I found online. And some other words related to decisiveness are persistence, perseverance, aim, intention… Now, don’t these words sound very familiar after 15 weeks into the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course ? We’re on the right track here people…

Then, during my daily life observations this week, I noticed on many occasions that I wasn’t doing as bad as I thought I was doing. That I’m less of a procrastinator than I thought I was. I guess that was my old blueprint believing I needed so much work on this… And I do. I do… I can use all the help I can get to loose excess baggage that holds me back from moving forward at lightning speed towards that definite major purpose of mine ! I’m more than happy and grateful to focus on “decisiveness” for an entire week… Fun.

The other day, I went shopping with my 13 year old son, to get him a new soccer outfit. I was happily surprised to see him scan the aisles looking for the stuff he needed. He moved swiftly, and, without much hesitation, filled up the entire shopping basket. Knowing myself – and how I can spend way too much time in a shop, looking for clothes, hesitating, and often leaving without anything – I asked him for advice… And we were out of there in 10 minutes. Wonderful.

I’ve also noticed some people this week being “decisive” in walking up to me, and openly sharing their life’s story… One old lady on the bus, and my upstairs neighbour. Much to the surprise of my bewildered mind. Observing those scenes with amusement. And love. I know I can be kind of a hermit at times (not good for a networker right ?!). I mean, this doesn’t usually happen.

Something is definitely shifting here…  If the world without is a reflection of the world within – and we know it is – then this would mean that I’m opening up some doors here, doors that have been closed for way too long… Time to let some fresh air flow in freely…

Pretty cool stuff.

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20 thoughts on “Week 15 – Opening Up Some Doors…

  1. Ellen L

    Erwin – how fun! I really enjoyed how you were watching your son shopping, and I’m glad how you saw that you’re better than you thought you were! Keep finding and opening up those doors!

  2. Janet Andrews

    This was an absolutely beautiful post on so many levels! I have two warrior sons…one in particular who has been obssessed with the Japanese Samarais/Ninja and both are in the Special Forces (actually the one I mentioned just retired yesterday). Discipline was what he needed most as well! Interesting? And yet your heart opening is the almost opposite side being described? The best part to me is your relationship with your son…a gift to each. Your share was the gift to us!

    1. Erwin Post author

      thanks for your wonderful feedback Janet ! I’ve found that, through discipline, one is able to let go eventually, and ride the wave of inner peace and trust…

  3. Debbie Arnell

    Thank you for the powerful share…I was looking for discipline and interestingly we are doing discipline everyday! We Are! I think as we really stop and look we are practicing the virtues, without even knowing! Because our mind is on autopilot.
    I love the story of shopping with your son…There is nothing better than watching your children’s success! Although, recognizing they picked up your old bad habits…can be sobering, but we are changing!

  4. Dennis Andrews

    Erwin, great post my friend. Love the video at the end. You remember the movie, “The Last Samurai”? I have watched it several times, although I don’t like the ending. The preciseness of their day to day life and the code of conduct that they live with is truly inspiring. It’s been interesting reading some of the blogs about this Franklin makeover…There were 2 parts to your blog that I really loved. One was your description of shopping with your son…I’ve always told my 2 boys that I’ve learned far more from them than I taught them. The other part of your blog that was awesome is that people have found you and trusted you enough to share their heart and stories with you…What an honor for you…Thanks for sharing!

    1. Erwin Post author

      Thanks Dennis 🙂 Indeed, our kids teach us everyday… We just need to observe them, and trust their genius. And yes, I feel honoured that people trusted me to share their intimate stories. It actually happened again today !


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