Week 17 HJ – Change Is Happening

The Hero's JourneyI’ve watched many movies in my life so far, and one thing is for sure, a Hero has courage… The courage to stand out, to stand up, or down if needed. The courage to follow her heart, vision, follow the call of her inner voice, beckoning to take the path less travelled… Surely a hero has also all of the other 12 virtues of Franklin’s Makeover…

We’re working on it.

This week I’ve been focussing on courage. I had the feeling that I couldn’t see much of it in my outer world – and we know what that means – but I guess looking for it has had it’s effect… At first I thought that most people were pretty courageous for getting up every morning and going to work day in day out, sitting in traffic, living in a polluted city…(say what?!). And then I realised that courage is about change. Not just wanting change, but making change happen… To make change happen, one has to act differently from one’s habitual patterns, one has to change… For how can I expect change, when I keep doing things the same way I’ve been doing them before ? This goes for my thoughts also…

I’ve been very reluctant, since the beginning of this Master Key course, to use my Facebook page to share what we’re doing here. I have done so on Twitter though. My Twitter account was set up for this course. I have the feeling that nobody “knows” me there. So I tweet away fearlessly. I practice freely being the new me…

On Facebook on the other hand, most of my “friends” are linked to my former life as a professional musician. Many things have changed since that time. I’ve been worried about how people would react… yeah, can you believe it ? I’ve changed profession in the meantime, yoga, changed my whole life-style actually, and I know that many people, friends, fellow musicians, still don’t understand why… And now I’m involved in network marketing, the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and Go90Grow.

I’ve been reluctant talking about it to others. Been holding back on inviting people to read my blog posts… And I only just realised that I don’t need permission from anybody to do anything I need to manifest my vision, my dharma… I mean, why would I need permission from others, to do what will benefit all… ? People do not have to understand, as long as it is clear to me… I simply have to give myself permission. And I did.


I’ve noticed change this week. Outer effects from inner change. I’ve been contacting more people than ever before. To reconnect, to hear their story. And to share my story, if they’re interested. Tell them what’s going on, and embark them on this Hero’s Journey…

The time is ripe to stop hiding, to step out in the open, singing my song…

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14 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ – Change Is Happening

  1. Ellen L

    Ooh, ouch. I’ve been doing the same thing, for several reasons similar to the ones you mentioned – but never thought about it consciously. And now that you’ve identified for me a weakness I’ve been feeding I guess I’m going to have to step out with courage, too! And why not? Can there be a more wonderful thing than learning to live my true Self and showing others how they can do the same? And after all – For those who understand, no explanation is needed; for those who don’t, no explanation will ever be sufficient.
    Thanks, Erwin! Love your posts! (And really looking forward to meeting you in Hawaii!)

    1. Erwin Post author

      Yes ! Let’s all become fearless warriors of Inner Peace. Ah, Hawaii… It’s hanging on a string. I’m on the waiting list. I keep believing though. Would love to meet you.

  2. Liane

    Hi Erwin, I really like your post, I so much had the same experience, letting people who know me see my new self was not easy. Thanks for the post and the Mastermind, happy to know you.

  3. Dennis Andrews

    Erwin…once again you nailed it….I too have refused to use my facebook page to reveal what I’m up to here. In fact I cancelled my page for a month and have started over…sort of like starting over a new life, new friends, new identity…courage…yes I’ll take a large dose too…God Bless your journey and answering the herald!

    1. Erwin Post author

      Yes, I’m sure there are lots of similar resonances between the people in this course… It’s scary, but let’s go for it ! Post away ! “I will live this day as if it is my last” 🙂

  4. Janet Andrews

    You too have answered the Herald’s call it sounds like and feels like to me! It is already making “All the Difference” according to your blog…Congratulations! That is the goal of the Program. Thank you for the inspirational sharing my fellow traveler.


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