Week 19 – And It’s Glowing With Love

Like A Crisp Day In Spring

Like A Crisp Day In Spring

Today was such an amazing day… So full of bright light and vibrant energy. In the midst of these hectic times, I notice myself relaxing. I am calmer. More grounded, more connected to the Universal Juice… I trust more. It’s all gonna be okay. If this is the last day of my life, why be fearful of what’s coming… There’s only this very moment to cherish. And it’s glowing with love…

I had a nice quiet early sit this morning. Then cooked up some fresh ginger tea, a strong brew with turmeric, coriander, fennel, cumin, and some mint leaves. Good habits… Woke up my son for school. Flashed through a stack of index cards.

8:20am. Daily MasterMind Skype session with my 2 fellow mkmma-ers, Sophie and Liane. These sessions are so valuable. The other day talking to Sophie, I realised that I was mostly remembering the last paragraph of Mandino’s Scroll V: “I will labor harder than ever before and push my muscles until they cry for relief, and then I will continue. I will make more calls than ever before…“.

Oh dear… this reminds me so much of how I used to work, till I was totally burned out… So, now I’m not so sure if this is what I would do on “the last day of my life”… And thanks to Sophie, during my next read, I happily noticed how wonderfully Og describes everything I believe in. “Each minute of this day will I grasp with both hands and fondle with love for it’s value is beyond price…“.

Read the Blue Print Builder. Then met up with my ex, the mother of my two teenagers. We had a nice chat, about kids management, aligning home rules for my son, college for my daughter, she’s finishing high school in a few months (!)…  I also shared my intention to live a simpler life (see Week 18). Planting seeds…

Off to teach a yoga class out of town. Driving there, I enjoyed the sun and the beautiful scenery…. And on the way back, I stopped to have a walk in the woods, one of my top priorities these days… Nature was so gorgeous today, bathing in bright sunlight and blue skies… Happiness. Do-it-now.

A quick bite before meeting with Theodoros, one of my yoga students at our Sampoorna Yoga Studio in the heart of Brussels. He’s a wall painter, and gardener, and he offered to help during my upcoming Spring cleaning. I invited him to have a look at my place. We ended up talking about the simple life. Natural building techniques (he seems to be an expert!), cultivating food, being in harmony with nature’s laws, playing music, letting go of fear… He owns a piece of land in Greece, and he’s building something soon. I’m invited this summer to visit. And a friend of his has a yoga retreat centre on one of the Greek Islands… Now, is this starting to sound somewhat like parts of my DMP, or what ?! I’m starting to see pieces of the puzzle fit together… “I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others…

Bam ?

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10 thoughts on “Week 19 – And It’s Glowing With Love

  1. Claudea

    Erwin, such a nice read! I felt the peace of your day as I read! So wonderful you are seeing your DMP unfold! Congratulations!

  2. courtney shaheen

    Your life sounds lovely, Erwin. What a creation! I agree that there are just some parts of GS that I won’t read. They’re negative, and I’ve got the Positivity Consciousness! You piqued my interest about how the yoga retreat ties in with your DMP…

    1. Erwin Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Courtney ! I’m in the process of rewriting my DMP, there’s some of it in my press release, still a work in progress… I don’t think I’ll wait till 2022 though to live the life I can imagine now… 🙂


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