Week 2 – Do It Now

DMP and sacrifice

It’s been a real challenge this week to define my goals with clarity. Definite Major Purpose. It sounds so final…! To be honest, I’ve been avoiding working on my DMP… The fear of “wishing” for the wrong thing. Of not being clear enough. And getting it anyway…. Oh dear. I feel like I only have one shot at this. Fifty. So almost half way (smiling…) No time to fool around anymore…

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to attain your DMP”

Now that’s a tough question to give a clear answer to. I mean, it’s easy to say, “I’ll do anything !”. But to be specific ?

I would happily give up ALL my bad habits. If I only could recognise them. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, I do eat healthy food (I’m
in the middle of an Ayurvedic detoxing diet right now), and I get up early, do yoga, go for nature walks, meditate daily, try to be sincerely kind toward people… You’ve come a long way baby.

Oh, here’s one. I’d love to give up Procrastination. A big one. Yep, I’ll give that up in a second. Get things done. Do-it-now, do-it-now, do-it-now, do-it-now, do-it-now… 25 times, twice daily. And I always keep my promises.

And, yes, I’ll give up negative thoughts happily, without looking back. That would be such a relief. Just drop them. They’re still here now and then, and I know I’m not even aware of them… Do they have an app for that ? a little alarm goes off when you think badly of somebody…?

Haanel is a yogi

Haanel is a yogi. That’s what I think. As far as I understand, his writings are so in tune with the ancient yogic scriptures. Love reading them.

So I revised my DMP. And just sent it to my Certified Guardian Angel. I hope I’ll have enough time to get it right. We still have a few weeks of going back and forth right ? Sometimes I feel it’s on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t express it just yet…

“Within my allotted time I must practice the art of patience for nature acts never in haste”.

See you next week.

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17 thoughts on “Week 2 – Do It Now

  1. masterkeyelicia

    Hey Erwin, Do it now , Do it now, DO IT NOW!. just having that reside in my head on goingly stops my procrastination except when my old blue print kicks in and says NO! I WON’T! and then I have to breath, distract my old blue print, pretend that I’m listening to it, and then start chanting again do it now, do it now! You don’t sound like someone that has procrastination stuff going on from what you have written, boy, if I did half as much as you did, I’d be a happy girl. Have you hit the spot with your blue print yet? I keep writing mine, thinking yes, this is it, and then like you thinking, I don’t know if this is it. It’s really really hard to really tap into what our life purpose is and at the same time, pretty exciting. Love your posts, you make me laugh, I love it.

    1. masterkeyerwinv

      🙂 don’t worry, procrastination is still very much here everyday. I guess there are different degrees.
      Still working on that DMP. I’m getting closer every week so it seems. Taking out things, replacing them with others, trying to feel what seems right… Sitting really helps. Letting go, relaxing, connecting within…
      Glad to make you smile 🙂

  2. earch2014

    DMP is a problem in one area…… and maybe I have to finish up what I am doing to move on. Is that an issue for others, what is now vs. the possibilities?

  3. Ellen L

    Erwin, I love reading you! And heck, yeah, I’ll give up my bad habits too, even the ones I’m fond of (like MountainDew. Love that stuff, and it’s so bad, bad, bad for me!).
    I’m having trouble with my DMP, too; I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone was, to some degree. And about that app…
    It IS possible to create a mental feedback loop that will monitor for negativity and raise an alarm when it happens so that you can correct the negative thought. I get a strong feeling we’re going to be taught how, if not this week, then in the next few.

    1. masterkeyerwinv

      thanks Ellen. Love reading you too 🙂 What’s MountainDew ? Hm, maybe I shouldn’t ask… Triple bad is not good. Yes, looking forward to tonight’s webcast with more goodies !

  4. earch2014

    I would love to see you relax into letting your DMP unfold several times. Fully knowing it will morph again. I can’t address one portion on my DMP that my guide is directing me to address. I know I will in time.
    Your honesty and transparency are admirable, your worry an achilles heal. I worry also, and I move when I put it aside for a bit. Best to you and your journey.

    1. masterkeyerwinv

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I don’t really worry… it’s more like excitement actually, impatience maybe. I do trust that everything will be absolutely fine in the end 🙂 All the best to you too !

  5. masterkeyheyfaye

    It is a scary, nervous feeling. I agree, but it is exciting also!
    Try to enjoy the journey. You will be happy at the end of this when you have completed the MKMMA course.
    I enjoyed reading your blog postings because I don’t feel alone in this journey anymore. Hope you are enjoying your day 🙂


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