Week 21 – On Miracles And Comfort Zones

Out Of The Comfort Zone

Out Of The Comfort Zone…

Question. “How are fear, guilt, anger, unworthiness and hurt feelings great tools for expanding the comfort zone?”  

Hm. This had me thinking all week… Just having to reflect on these words got me out of my comfort zone right there. The “Fear” of not getting it, not understanding the question, of not being smart enough, of not being able to make a thorough analysis, of saying the wrong thing in the end…

Hand me a saxophone and I’ll play you a few great lines. Comfort.

OK. How about, “Hurt Feelings” give me the perfect opportunity to practice forgiveness towards others ? And the emotion of “Guilt” provides me with yet another wonderful occasion to practice forgiveness towards myself… As our dear friend Og questions in his Scroll V, “… Can I relive the errors of yesterday and right them ? Can I call back yesterday’s wounds and make them whole ? Can I take back the evil that was spoken, the blows that were struck, the pain that was caused… ?”

“Anger”. Instead of getting all entangled in the emotion of anger, how about choosing to observe the sensation it awakens ? To step back and notice the location in the body, to feel the pain it causes within, and realise that the One who observes is not angry…

“Fear” can be a good thing, right ? It might protect me from doing dangerous things. It can even save my life. It steers me away from association with the wrong kind of people. “Fear” can give a sense of heightened awareness, a sharpening of the senses, so that the attention becomes ultra-focused, one-pointed. Or omnipresent. Imagine being locked up in a dark room in the presence of a king cobra… Do you panic ? Try to escape ? Or do you choose to “live this day as if it is your last” and finally melt into The Love Within, into that Universal Mind Haanel talks about so eloquently ?

Less desirable would be when “Fear” holds me back from my true purpose in life, my dharma. Then I need to consciously and courageously charge forward, with or without it…

Can “Fear” be a form of excitement ? You want to jump of a cliff into the water and your heart is pumping in your throat, yet you still go ahead with it, you do-it-now, and JUMP… “Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win.” (Haanel, 17-26)

Fear, Guilt, Anger, Unworthiness, Hurt feelings. Symptoms of being out-of-tune, of not being in harmony with the Higher Self. How about practicing feeling harmonious ? Practice. Daily. “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. You are nature’s greatest miracle.

And I love you.

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10 thoughts on “Week 21 – On Miracles And Comfort Zones

  1. Cheryl

    Great blog posts Erwin, thanks for sharing your insights. I found this exercise of working out how Fear, guilt etc helped to expand the comfort zone, it made so much sense to me to view those emotions as a sign post for my comfort zone and being able to make the choice to either view fear as scary or exciting because they give off the same chemical. Fascinating stuff, eh!! Great video too!!

  2. Christel Waltman

    Thanks for great content, Erwin.
    I find I’m struggling with this type of fear that you call less desireable…holding me back or call it apprehension in certain actions building my business… and I’ll take your advise:
    “Then I need to consciously and courageously charge forward, with or without it…’ and extend my comfort zone in order to master this challenge.
    Wishing you blessings, favor and abundance as you conquer and expand your comfort zone 🙂

    1. Erwin Post author

      Thank you Christel. Good luck with everything. I know it’s tough out there 😉 And you will persist, and succeed.

    1. Erwin Post author

      Yes, I love the video too Janet ! Do stay in touch, even with the blog rotations next week 🙂 Thanks for all you positive feedback ! it helps me a lot.

  3. Claes Wallenberg

    Erwin, thanks for sharing Your thoughts and how beautifully You connected the dots on this assignment, it really resonated with me.
    I love the video!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


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