Week 22A – Shedding The Masks

High Up In The Bright Blue Skies

High Up In The Bright Blue Skies

It’s a process right ? The whole thing. Evolving. Improving. Experiencing that true nature. We don’t need to get stressed about it. It’s all there already. No need to go anywhere. It’s right here, in this very moment. It takes time to uncover those veils, to take out the trash, to clear up the mind, … and that’s okay. It’s about letting go and be. Simply be. And do what needs to be done. Do, for the good of all of us. Drop all that unnecessary baggage, hoarded over so many years. Let it go, and soar high up in the bright blue skies…

Find your own rhythm, your own tempo, your own melody, your own silence,… That’s what this journey is about. Stay soundly rooted in the Universal Source. Feel connected, during those moments of Golden Silence, and beyond, even in the midst of the most chaotic turmoil.

No need to get all creative, trying to get attention, loud colours and honking horns… Sit still, listen. And play the music. It’s all there.

Only a few more weeks to go and this Master Key Master Mind Alliance course comes to an end. We’re gently being led to flying solo. The end is only the beginning, the continuation of our good habits. Mark J suggested in one of his tweets, “Dig deep … deeper… rock on, baby, rock on”. Thanks Mark, I think I’ll do just that.

The Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey

In the Hero’s Journey we find ourselves at one point without any helpers, alone, in the quiet dark. The Abyss, a place where masks are shed… Carefully pealing layer after layer, years of build up masks, covering our beautiful essence… Down there, there’s no need to play any roles anymore, there’s no audience that needs to be entertained. It’s just you… What a relief.

That’s where I’m at right now. And I feel like staying down here for a little longer if that’s okay. The shedding of masks is taking some time. And I want to be firmly rooted in the Universal Substance before resurfacing. At least realise, more and more, that I am, all the time, and everywhere, rooted in the Universal Mind.

A few years ago, I took ten days off, to listen within, seeking the silence in the midst of the city. I remember it was in April, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I just bought a new bike and spent lots of time in the parks of Brussels and the surrounding woods.

Here are a few words I wrote down in my notebook at that time…

“The more I slow down, the more I see beauty everywhere. Everything comes into focus. Paradise is right here, isn’t it ?”

I want more of this. And I’m having it all right now…

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2 thoughts on “Week 22A – Shedding The Masks

  1. Janet Andrews

    I can relate to your feelings so much, not being alone in the city though, although sounds like fun. You probably feel like doing that after returning from you beautiful natural surroundings! Great blog as usual.


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