Week 23 – The Sunny Side Of The Street

4 New Cards

This week, four new players join our now sky-high stacks of index cards. Full of gratitudes, positive experiences, and small to big accomplishments. Every day, hundreds of live-savers keep our minds on the sunny side of the street. And we thank them for that.

During Week 4 of this Master Key Experience, I remember finding a piece of paper somebody forgot in our Sampoorna Yoga Studio, stating the 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success, including the Law Of Least Effort.

Nothing is random… Four new cards this week, describing Deepak Chopra’s Law Of Least Effort.

Least Effort

Hm, one might think… I’ll just do nothing today… Get up really late, keep my pyjamas on, settle myself into a comfy couch, eat cookies and potato chips all day long (add a couple of cheap beers to wash it all down), and watch the most idiotic soaps on TV, so I don’t need to reflect on anything. Sounds good. Forget about network marketing. What a joke. Going out, meeting people, doing business, working ? Really. No way. Too much effort there…

Well, that’s not really the way we want to go, right ?

Acceptance, Responsibility and Defenselessness.

We could move now into lengthy analytical explanations of the Law Of Least Effort, but that’s not really my thing too much. I think just a few resonances of the Law will do here…

“I practice Acceptance”. This moment is exactly as it should be. No use struggling against the Universe…

“I take Responsibility for my situation”. I don’t blame anyone or anything.

“I relinquish the need to defend my point of view”. No need to convince anybody. I’m open to all points of view. Defenselessness.

Nature’s Intelligence

On Chopra’s website we read “Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease . . . with carefreeness, harmony, and love. And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy, and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease.”

Beautiful. All we need to do, is to imitate nature. Well, there’s nothing to imitate really. We are Nature… We simply need to let go, stop struggling, stop resisting, and be what we are, our true Self.

The Sit. Relax. Release. Not an easy task, we agree. Yet simple.

Today I was walking in town. and I saw this tiny little plant. Perfection. Beauty. Effortlessness. In harmony with the essence of Nature. No matter what the environment dictates… Stones, cement, pollution, noise, ugliness, darkness… ? So ? I’ll just be Myself, and radiate Nature’s beauty…

Effortless Beauty

Effortless Beauty

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6 thoughts on “Week 23 – The Sunny Side Of The Street

  1. Janet Andrews

    So simply delightful again! The Sinatra song was a really nice, sweet touch. How dramatic your plant was against the marble, concrete, etc. Nature makes a real contrast! Thank you for sharing yourself and the journey with us.

  2. Chad Uebele

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Law of least effort is amazingly simple and yet so profound. Keep up the journey of success. Make it a Super+Fantastic day!


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