Week 24 – Captain Of Our Ship

Self-Reliancereliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others. “Self-Reliance” is also an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson which starts with the phrase “ne the quaesiveris extra”, Latin for “do not seek for things outside yourself”.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance course (MKMMA) is over. Done. Six months of intense study and observation, creating new good habits. Learning to do-it-now. To recognise beauty in the outer world, daily. To be still, and listen within. To clearly define what we want, or rather, what we need to do in this life, for the benefit of all. To visualise it, as if it already exists. To understand how the Universal Mind works, and to direct it to manifest our true dharma. To mastermind. To mastermind with like-minded seekers, connecting the dots, helping each other to stay on track.

And now we’re on our own. Or almost.

It’s good to continue to connect, continue to mastermind, and read and share other members’ blogs. My friend Claes Wallenberg is manifesting an amazing life right now

Each one of us has their story. These six months made that clear. Things came into focus. We’re captain of our ship now. Knowing where we need to go next, is like a valuable gem shining deep inside. It gives one inner peace. Having the tools to get there, step by step, without a shadow of a doubt, makes one powerful beyond imagination…

I feel more grounded now. Grounded and restless at the same time… Impatient I guess. Finally listening to that voice that has been there for so many years…. Trusting it. Finally. Even if it doesn’t fit into any pre-existing matrix… Trusting that it’s the right way to go, the right thing to do, exactly because of that reason!

Nothing can hold me back now anymore.



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3 thoughts on “Week 24 – Captain Of Our Ship

  1. Claes Wallenberg

    Love those last words of this post: “Nothing can hold me back now anymore.”

    It never could, never has and never will – that´s why You got Yourself to this amazing place – I admire Your honesty and insight, look forward to meet You in person and I am grateful for the mentioning!
    We´re all manifesting amazing lives every minutes of the day – the whole secret is to observe the magic and You´ve become a true master!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


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