Week 3 – Tones, Shapes and Colours. And Links.

Blow that horn !

This week’s title refers to the great jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano’s debut album “Tones, Shapes and Colours”.

Joe was one of my teachers years ago. I remember him saying during one of our private sessions together, “You’ve got to BLOW that horn, man !”. Suggesting I change the way I approached playing the saxophone. Simply blowing some air through the mouth piece to produce sound due to the vibration of the reed, is definitely not sufficient. Give it EVERYTHING you have. Yep, the BEST. With enthusiasm, drive and focus…

Take a huge breath and push the air through that tube, like an giant ocean wave… With control though ! Make the entire saxophone vibrate, make your body vibrate, fill the entire room with sound… and the entire Universe while you’re at it…


So, we’re all about linking stuff together these days right ?

I can see the similarity with this MKMMA journey. There’s no way we can do this half way you know… We’ve got to give it all we have. The very best. Everything.

Yet, I found out this week that, even if you give yourself completely, it is necessary to do it in a relaxed way. Like Haanel suggests, relax your muscles, let your light shine… We need to practice this, all-the-time… Stay aware of any tension in the body, and release it, relax. Keep the focus though, the alertness of the mind… Be awake ! That’s where the real power is.

The breath is key

Linking things back to playing a wind instrument. Krishna’s flute, the bansuri, is a hollow tube. You can look straight through it. You’re that hollow tube. Let yourself be played… Stay connected to the breath at all times. Consciously. The exhalation relaxes the body and the mind. Long exhalations people… The inhalation gives energy and inspiration. Bringing the spirit within… To be inspired… You are inspired.

Why do we take our next inhalation ? What’s our inspiration ? why are we here ?

OK, enough…:-)  It’s getting late here in Brussels…

Just a few more things.

Tones. I worked on my DMP tonight. And, just before, I took some time to sit, play the harmonium and chant a bit. It felt sooo nice…, the Solar Plexus relaxed and open, and many ideas and inspirations came up.

Shapes and Colours. All over the place this week. I mean, red traffic lights especially… And I’ve been collecting red milk bottle caps – whole milk – for years… And now I know why…:-)

And Links. I really enjoy reading my Master Key brothers’ and sisters’ blogs.

Eugene finds all this mind blowing.

Ellen’s blog is an absolute joy to read…

And let’s not forget Fabiana‘s poetic descriptions.

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7 thoughts on “Week 3 – Tones, Shapes and Colours. And Links.

  1. Ellen L

    A real treat to read your words, as always! I found myself reckoning back to when I played the clarinet and my favorite teacher of all time would tell me “Your playing is excellent technically. Now you have to learn to play with your heart as well as your hands.”
    Relaxed focus – long exhalations. I’m going to modify my sit to incorporate long breath-controlled exhalations, just as if I were playing the clarinet again. Thanks, Erwin!

  2. masterkeyelicia

    Hey I love jazz. I’m a singer, love singing jazz and blues. Your posts are getting more and more enjoyable. How have you managed to keep up with everything we need to do? It’s taking me hours to do everything and I have no idea why.
    Great to read your blog oh brother keys!

    1. masterkeyerwinv

      Hi Elicia, thanks for your positive feedback ! Indeed the days are pretty full, that’s the least we can say. Trying to fit everything in is like juggling a thousand red green yellow and bleu balls in the air while standing on a tight rope… But I find it so inspiring and energising that we are actual sculpting our subconscious into creating the life we dream of… Don’t give up ok ? keep breathing, relax, have fun, sing a song now and then 😉 We’re doing this together. Peace.


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