Week 4 – Week Four ?

One hundred percent – 100%

Yes, Week 4. Time flies. Amazing Week 4. This week has been extra busy… Thank you very much. And many wonderful impressions and occurrences too.

Not sure where to start…

“100%” –  one hundred percent – that’s what I remember from last Sunday’s webcast. And somehow, my mind seems to have decided to create much more to do in the outer world, specially for this week, to celebrate Week Four. Or is this a test…? “100% you said ?”

Interesting enough though, I seem to have become more creative in finding time. Or better, in using all the time that’s available, in using time for the important things, the do-it-nows, at any moment, to read the Master Keys, Mandino, or my service cards… Yes, it is true, I have been spotted mumbling “I can be, what I will to be” many times in public transport this week…

Giving and Receiving

My favourite promises are the Giving and Receiving cards. They are so sweet and wonderful… Definitely magical. So I practiced, and yes, subtle and sudden shifts in “reality” did happen… in the tram or in the middle of the streets here in busy Brussels.

I realised – and I didn’t realise it that much before – that I am often judgemental towards people. Nothing extreme I guess, just little things, but judgemental nonetheless. A defence mechanism maybe ? Fear most certainly. And I decided to practice – promised to practice – observing my immediate surroundings, with an open heart, an open mind, releasing my inner sun, relaxing my muscles, smiling fearlessly… Seeing people on their path, whatever that may be, creating their outer worlds as they go… And lots of smiles, eye contact, also with people I believed not to have any connection to, other then being fellow human beings… Random friendliness. Give, give, give. Gratefully.


Something else, or maybe not.

The other day, I went to the yoga studio to teach a class. I arrived early to make some tea for the students, and to prepare the room. One of the other teachers had left me a note. I opened the envelope and was staring at a blue card that said “This Day Will Never Happen Again (….. insert date here…..)”.

And that’s not all.

That same morning, somebody had forgotten a paper on the tea table in the lobby. It was probably put there on purpose, or so it seemed. How could it be otherwise ?  I walked over, and glanced at it, and my jaw dropped… I was reading: the Law of Pure Potentiality, the Law of Giving, the Law of Karma, the Law of Least Effort, the Law of Intention and Desire, the Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life… Deepak Chopra.

Really, I’m not making this up…

I love this journey.

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20 thoughts on “Week 4 – Week Four ?

  1. ferialk

    Wow! I was glad to read what you shared. I am running around being busy. Keeping myself in the flow of getting thinks done. I find I need to take time away from the busy world to spend time with me.

  2. Ellen L

    I’m a little late commenting this week – what can I do other than echo what everyone else has said! I love your writing, and I enjoyed the string of events you described.
    Looking back from the perspective of the week 5 webinar, I noticed that you were already talking about being judgemental and deciding to practice open heart, open mind; getting rid of your opinions early! Congrats!

  3. masterkeymarkb

    Isn’t it wonderful how life puts exactly what we seek right before our eyes when we learn to see without eyes, hear without ears & feel without fingers?
    I so enjoy your sharing 🙂 Following your journey.

  4. masterkeyelicia

    Hi Erwin, I love how much you are observing, it’s incredibly inspiring and being on public transport would certainly be a perfect time for observation, wow! imagine what kind of world we would live in if we acknowledge each other for just being fellow humans.


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