Week 5 – Observing Love


Right below the surface, wanting to fully emerge, I observe some degree of procrastination, tiredness, laziness… Enough already of all the thinking, trying to figure it out… What do I really want out of life ?

I feel like going to the movies… Or just sit in the sofa, that’s fine too. Space out, let the mind wander… Listen to the cars drive by… Go for a walk. Get some air. The Do-It-Nows will just have to wait a bit…

Haanel, Mandino, Emerson – premium wisdom resonating in my subconscious mind… like some soft soothing background music, not entirely clear, but definitely soothing… putting everything into perspective.

How about letting things simply be, just for today ? It’s all about balance isn’t it ? That song, and the car magnet I got in San
Francisco a few years ago, sticking on my fridge since then. “Let It Be”.

I can see the good, the positive, the yin of the yang, in these not so highly rated tendencies. They seem to be trying to bring balance, creating a small crack in the tough cement, letting wonder in (or is it out ??), connecting to the bigger picture… Sit back, relax, observe.

No opinion, no judgement. Just observe.

The other day, while waiting for Tram 4, a woman came up to me and started sharing loudly how much her tummy was hurting because she ate way too much food. Lunch was only 1€, and they had free dessert ! One of these shelters I guess. I should go too she advised. She went on and on, about how she often went there and ate beyond her capacity, till sometimes she had to vomit it all out…

Hm… No opinion, no judgement. Just observe…

I observed my wanting to get away… Looking for an escape route, politely smiling… Wanting to give her advice about food and health. But then I actually stood there, just listening to her. I got amused by my own mental activity. A pretty fun game. The moment I gave up trying to escape, my muscles relaxed, my shoulders went down, and I could feel a genuine smile appearing on my face… Or, it actually felt as if it appeared somewhere in my body, in my heart area. The Solar Plexus ? And then she jumped into Tram 3 and disappeared.

Was this love ? compassion maybe ? something in that realm ? or did I just change my world within, getting rid of her after all…? 😀

I think love is a state. We talk about falling in love, or falling asleep, even falling into meditation… They’re all states of the mind. It’s good to dwell there. Love is definitely about letting go, of tension, of fear…

Keep observing.

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11 thoughts on “Week 5 – Observing Love

  1. Ellen L

    I can so clearly hear and see what you write about! And that moment when you stopped fighting… didn’t Haanel or Mark say something about surrendering in order to move forward?

    1. masterkeyerwinv

      Yes, it’s all coming together ! They’re all talking about it. All the great masters and saints. Also in Yoga. Surrender… And then we start reading Scroll 2 this morning… It all makes so much sense.


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