Week 6 – New Habits

A good new habit

I love my weekly blog writing time.  A good new habit. Each time I wonder what to write about. Avoiding somehow to sit and just write, effortlessly, let it flow… I remember that feeling from when I used to compose music years ago. I would free up a few days in my agenda to write some new music, and, on the first day, I would always go for walks, or clean the house, do some other things, go to a movie… avoiding to sit at the piano, and just do it. A ritual almost. Giving myself time to dream, to think, to listen within. Necessary I suppose. Or maybe not. Once I sit down, and do it, I actually enjoy the process very much. Now again, waiting for the deadline to write this post. Cornering myself into Friday afternoon…

Continued observations of the opinionated mind

We’ve been over this, last week, and the weeks before. How much the mind – my mind – is buzzing with thoughts, ideas, images, and opinions… non-stop rush hour in there…! Can’t say I’m completely opinion-free after 2 weeks of practice, but
noticing more when it happens. I suppose that’s the result we want. To notice, and “bite my tongue” whenever judgement pops up… But then I’m thinking, even the slightest little judgemental thought-wave sets in motion a whole bunch of ripples, and then bigger waves… Who knows what the effects will be… So, I try to “protect” my mind, navigate it into kind and positive waters, repeating “I can be what I will to be” or “Om Mani Padme Hum”…

I would love so much to unsubscribe from my unlimited opinions channel, delete that option, simply drop the whole package right here and now, and move on. Wouldn’t that feel liberating ? To “love all manners of men for each has qualities to be admired”…

I Love You

To continue with Mandino, I’m absolutely enjoying the many “I Love Youz” spoken in silence to random people I encounter … Having my little secret, sowing wonder everywhere I go… I’m surprised by my own emotional release when “voicing” this truth, the Solar Plexus again, as if I was tuning myself to the other, becoming more harmonious with that person, feeling a loving connection… And then, as if woken up by a magical finger snap, I go: “Hey, wait a second, get it together, ’cause I don’t know what might happen…” And I put my armour on again. Can’t wait for the day “I will cast it aside and walk unencumbered among all manners of men…”.

You might have heard of Dr.Emoto, the famous Japanese water scientist, who recently passed away. Here’s an image of a water crystal to which the words Love and Gratitude were spoken. Considering the high percentage of water in the human body, imagine how much good we’re doing with this “exercise”… We’re changing the world, and we’re only in Week 6…

Love and Gratitude

– Love and Gratitude –

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19 thoughts on “Week 6 – New Habits

  1. ferialk

    This was an amazing post. It inspires and made me reflect on what was going on. I quite agree saying” I love you ” silently does something magical..

  2. masterkeyerwinv

    Thanks for keeping in touch Ellen ! Glad that some of these words resonate with you, who knows what they’ll do in the mind that never sleeps… ? 🙂 Yes, do check out Dr.Emoto. His research is a real eye opener. Let’s all become responsible of what we think and voice, words and thought are vibration and always leave traces…

  3. Ellen L

    Thank you again, Erwin, for a heart-tugging, thought-provoking post! Hearing the inner you each week is becoming a moment I look forward to every week.
    I’m going to work with that image of ‘unsubscribing to the opinions channel’ and look up Emoto – I’d never heard of him, but your description of the water crystals is very interesting!


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