Week 7 – Happy Gardening

Positive thinking

Positive thinking & Meditation is one of the Five Points of Yoga, 5 principles for physical and mental health, as well as spiritual growth. The four others are Proper Exercise, Proper Breathing, Proper Relaxation and Proper Diet.

I put the perfect scenario together to stay in a positive mental state all week, and I’m decided not to let any negative thought seep through the cracks of my novice brain… My Service Card reads “clean up the garden before Nov.15th“… Ok, I cancel all my classes from Monday through Thursday, to make sure to have enough time to get the job done. Won’t need to go anywhere, I can just stay home, and work outside all week.

Proper Exercise. Check. Proper Breathing. As much as that is possible in a city… Check.

Proper Diet. I plan to prepare my own healthy meals. No take outs or processed foods, but the best fresh vegetables from Frédéric, the local organic farmer, who delivers his produce every two weeks in my garage. Enough to feed 25 families. The whole neighbourhood loves Frédéric. So, proper diet, check.

Proper Relaxation. No problem, I plan on taking breaks, rest regularly, and go to bed early every day. Check.

Positive Thinking & Meditation. The Law Of Substitution, “we cannot think about 2 things at the same time…” and Emmet Fox’ Mental Diet has this first part covered. Haanel’s Sit takes care of the second part. Solid. Check. I’m home free.

Now, reality.

Old thoughts

The first day, Monday, is absolutely magical. The weather  is perfect. A bright sun is shining in a blue sky. I get my garden tools out, and off to work. I know I can do this, seven days without dwelling on negative thoughts, easy… To make sure no negative thought stays around for very long, I keep up a good tempo, weeding away, cutting branches, … I notice the analogy with weeding out negative thoughts, and cutting out mental trash to get a clearer picture, letting light shine through… I’m getting a good workout at the same time. And I chant my favourite mantras. And Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Did you know mantra means “that which protects the mind”… ? I love that.

I work 5 hours straight. Hm, tougher than I thought…

… Oops, chanting again !

Now, this went on for Tuesday and Wednesday, with success. Not saying that I didn’t have any negativity surfacing, but the singing and the work pace really did the trick. And I felt great. Shielding off any other challenges coming from people I meet in the street, or talk to on the phone – with love – and the excuse that I was pretty busy, and needed to move on…

Wednesday evening, an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time comes over for dinner. We start talking about old times, old friends, old situations,… and yes, the old blueprint kicks in… Without even noticing, like a shadow sneaking up from behind, we’re complaining about all kinds of things, giving opinions too… Nothing major, but enough to start my diet over again. Emmet Fox wants me to.

My new friend

Thursday. My body is sore. I’m knackered.

I hardly get all the reads in. Going to bed early, leaving the dishes for next morning… I sit down on my mediation cushion, my mother’s woollen blanket over my shoulders, warm and comfortable, getting ready for my special encounter with my future self.

I sit for 30 minutes. My friend is there. I can’t see him. But I sense he’s there. He’s watching me with love and compassion. I say a few words. Trying to make contact. He doesn’t really respond. But I feel his gentle smile…

I sleep deeper than ever that night…

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10 thoughts on “Week 7 – Happy Gardening

  1. dennisa60

    I love the meditation Erwin and the well defined plan for a precise week…despite the curve ball being thrown into the mix…And the garden metaphor…weeding the inner and outer gardens!

  2. UltimateVacationLifestyle

    Erwin – thank you for sharing that wonderful vision, and excellent description of getting into the flow – diet, breathing, pace, thinking… very inspiring!! And that sneaky Ol’ Blue… but he’s getting a little worn out trying to keep up with all the new blueprinting I think.

  3. Rui Silva

    Great Week Erwin. Keep up the good jog, and thank you for your help with the meditation tips. I’m loving the yoga exercises.
    Keep up the good work, and the old blueprint won’t have a chance with you and your future self!


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