Week 8 – Crawl. Walk. Run… Fly !

Come on, you can do it.

Yes, you.

I’ve always been amazed to see toddlers’ attempts to evolve from a crawling condition to walking and beyond. Sometimes I wonder if they even consider giving up at times ? I’m pretty sure they don’t. I don’t think it’s not even an option for them. Their brain is not even wired that way. I imagine they see others do it – effortlessly – so obviously they are convinced they can do it too. It makes total sense. And they keep trying, keep digging in, till the job is done. With lots of falling, many many times, hurting themselves, feeling the pain… Cry for a moment, get some encouragement (or not, it doesn’t really matter that much), and then try again – till the job is done… And then up to the next stage. Oh yeah. Always evolving. Practice, practice, and practice…

I sometimes feel like that. I can’t remember how it was, how it felt many years ago. Yet, I’m choosing to be in that state of mind. I’m thinking, if a toddler can do it, so can I ! Especially when it gets tough. When there’s too much on my plate, not enough time… Then I can feel that inner growl ‘crescendoing’, to use Mark J‘s termsresonating through my entire being, the entire Universe… I’m not going to give up. I do think about it sometimes, yes, and then discard it as a silly idea, knowing it’s not an option. No matter how long it takes, the only way out is to evolve… We all know that.

This week has been a bit like that. Yet, instead of reporting the darker moments of these past few days, I prefer to look ahead, to focus on the horizon, to rise and move forward, and feel the power within… No matter how many times I need to start this Mental Diet again, no matter how many times I observe myself being opinionated, no matter how many times I struggle with negative emotions, from an old blueprint, past lives or whatever, I know I can be like the great masters who control their minds – effortlessly. I can be what I will to be.

I’m about to leave right now on a Sampoorna Yoga weekend retreat, as part of the organising and teaching team. A weekend of loving oneself through exercise and healthy food, loving others too, sharing. A weekend of concentration, applying the law of substitution, lots of sitting, meditation, stillness, chanting… I’ll be back just in time for the webinar this coming Sunday. And I’m looking forward to it.

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5 thoughts on “Week 8 – Crawl. Walk. Run… Fly !

  1. Ellen

    Heya! Love the new look!
    So glad you’re staying positive. I’m going to take a cue from you. I’m wondering just how many of us are struggling right about now – seems to be almost everybody. But we’re in, and the only way out is to evolve!
    Hope you had a great retreat!

  2. Dennis Andrews

    I have thought of the impressive determination that a toddler and an 8 year kid learning to ride a bike…No quit in them…Great observation on your part and like them, we should all aspire to that kind of determination.—great post Erwin!


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